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Guide to visit

Excavation Data Area (Archaeological Information Centre) is opened for all citizens of Gunma, like a 'Learning Forum', Exhibition room, Audio-visual presentation room, Realia studio, Library, Consulting room and Seminar room are available.
In the Realia studio, various types of programmes like making fire, pottery modelling, etc. are available.
Opening hours are 9:00 to 16:00 everyday except Saturdays, national holidays and year end, year beginning holidays.

Gunma Archaeological Research Centre (GARC)
Gunma Archaeological Research Foundation (GARF)

Address: Postal code 377-8555, 784-2, Shimohakoda, Hokkitsu-machi, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma-ken
Phone: 0279-52-2511
Fax: 0279-52-2904
Transportation: Take R. 17 North from Maebashi, then turn right at the traffic lights of Shimohakoda intersection, just before the Bando bridge.
Bus service: From Maebashi Station to the Prefectural Children's Medical Centre; then it's a two minute walk ahead from the Children's Medical Centre.

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