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Outline of FacilitiesGuide

Excavation Data Area
Exhibition room

Exhibition room: this is the display room opened for the public who want to contribute.
The results of the excavations done in Gunma are displayed here in a narrative way and is available for people to use.
You may apply for the space for displaying your opinions, children's home work, teacher's lesson plans and so on; a variety of themes will be accepted.

Audio-visual presentation room

Audio-visual presentation room: this is an open space where high tech.
equipment are all free to use.
Will you roam round the past with our staff? Video tapes and easy to use reference books of the world sites and monuments are free to use.
The big panel desk of Gunma shows 1,700 sites; you can enjoy the time trip consulting with the Site Exploring Guide Book.

Realia studio

Realia studio: this is the space used for thinking by experiencing hands-on programmes. Pottery modelling, haniwa-clay figurine modelling, cooking in the ancient style, etc.
Will you, a science lover, try to use a microscope or a gas burner?
Will you, a fine arts lover, try to draw primitive art?
When you've got totally absorbed in doing these things when dusk comes you might encounter our ancestors!


Library: 70,000 reference books are available to the public use.

Academic consultation room

Academic consultation room: you may ask all kinds of questions concerning archaeology; the hot line is 0279-52-2513; we will help you to meet your ancestors !
Opening hours are from 9:00 to 16:00 every day except Saturdays, national holidays, year end and beginning of the year holidays.

Seminar room

Seminar room: the room is equipped with audio-visuals featuring videos on narrative history and the climate of Gunma.

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