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Excavations; before the actual excavations we need to carry out on the surveys land to be excavated to find out if there is any archaeology or not, then looking for the site's evidence we dig test pits and finally carry out the excavation.
Once the site is excavated it is lost forever so excavations should be recorded in detail and the artefacts retreived should be preserved in a storage house with the archive.
Every excavation is carried out following a digging manual, and then every stage of the excavation is drawn and photographed.
Finds are collected and coordinates recorded.
These written records are to be preserved in compensation for the distroyed sites.

1) Planning, legal procedures for rescue archaeology.
2) General surveying, determining excavation areas, trial pit excavation.
3) Excavations, to retreive finds and for paper preservation, and restore land to its original state.
4) Processing finds to be taken to the facility for strage or post-axcavation work.
School children's visit to the excavation at the Nishizen-shakushi Site (6th grade of Kasagake Elementary School)

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